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Provisioning for the Help Desk

Deploying an abrideanProvisor provisioning solution can both reduce costs and increase end user satisfaction. Solutions are available for deployment in both standalone enterprise environments and in shared hosted models.

Benefit from Automation:

  • Reduce errors with extensive input checking and wizards to guide managers through routine operations
  • Improve turn around time time as transactions happen in realtime, with transactions that would require access to multiple native tools being initiated from a single intuitive web interface
  • Enhance compliance with comprehensive audit logs of all transactions performed using the Provisor provisioning engine (when who did what to whom)

Benefit from Delegation:

  • Enhance security since managers and administrators do not need to be granted top level system rights or access to native tools.
  • The web based UI can be deployed to any user
  • Secure delegation model allows some tasks to be optionally delegated to users outside of the help desk, thereby reducing workload
  • Improve response times by enabling managers and other staff to deal with routine matters themselves
  • Senior/expert resources can focus attention on more critical issues.

Benefit from Integration: 

  • The Provisor Automated Administrator can initiate provisioning based on a number of external events, including changes in an external/corporate directory or other authoritative data source.