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Automated User Management & Provisioning for AD & Exchange

abrideanProvisor delivers secure, role-based user provisioning for rapid, fully automated, account set-up and management for Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. It replaces the time-consuming, error-prone manual processes required to manage Exchange users. Provisor provides a comprehensive security framework and efficiency improvements that result in a tangible ROI.

Provisor is an automated, 'Best Practices' approach to provisioning Exchange 2010 as well as Exchange 2003 and 2007. Its transactional provisioning system is completely XML-based, allowing the administrative transaction to be stored, audited, reported upon and repeated in the case of system recovery.

With Provisor, organizations using AD/Exchange

  • Dramatically decrease Exchange administration costs

Provisor's easy-to-use Web Interface ensures administration tasks, such as adding and configuring new users, resetting passwords, managing AD and Exchange user profiles, and changing mailbox sizes, can be accomplished in a handful of foolproof, secure steps - even by staff who do not possess high-level Exchange administration expertise. This significantly reduces an organization's Exchange administration costs.

  • Dramatically improve resource usage

Using Provisor's delegated administration approach, technical administrators can control every aspect of Exchange setup for users and can define which parameters may be overridden when users are added or changed, making it possible to delegate user management processes to non-IT personnel, while assuring that resources are appropriately allocated.

Provisor delivers these unique capabilities for AD/Exchange environments

  • Delegated administration - Provisor's easy-to-use Web interface allows staff without Exchange expertise to add, modify and delete users, significantly reducing an organization's cost of Exchange administration.
  • Transactional integrity - Each administrative transaction can be completed, stored, audited, reported on, and repeated.
  • Role-based user management - Enables IT administrators to assign default parameters and resources to specific user profiles.
  • Resource Management - Optimize Exchange mail store usage through mailbox, public folder and Exchange resource settings.
  • Extensibility - Enables organizations to provision other services or applications, including RIM devices, SharePoint and custom applications).
  • Flexibility - Provisor supports any AD & Exchange deployment scenario. It works in Child Domain deployments, provides multiple forest support and can segregate business units within a single AD instance.
  • Technical Completeness - Provisor offers load balancing, fail-over support and flexibility in supporting centralized or distributed data stores.
  • Audit Capabilities - Provides comprehensive audit capabilities that capture and report who did what, when. It includes a search capability that allows administrators to conduct searches to better understand the nature of past and current operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support - Provisor allows you to separate users, infrastructure, resources and rights to provide maximum flexibility in service delivery and compliance with internal or regulatory policies.
  • Comprehensive Search Capabilities - Administrators can use Provisor's automated AD/Exchange search engine to find disabled accounts, accounts forwarding email to other addresses, accounts hidden from the Global address lists, accounts with irregular email retention policies, and accounts created before or after certain dates, etc.