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Products for Easier Provisioning

Efficient, cost-effective management and delivery of applications for Service Providers and Enterprises.

What if you could easily manage and administer services as a Hosted Exchange provider? Or perhaps you are administering multiple divisions and departments in a large enterprise and you want to speed up the initial setup ofnewaccounts.

abridean Provisor can help, whether you are managingExchange,SharePoint Services, BlackBerry accounts or have other applications that are currently being managed through internally developed scripts.

Since 2000, abridean has been recognised as a leader in providing managementsoftware that makes working with Active Directory based messaging and collaboration applications faster and moreefficient. We enable you to provide improved response times which makes for happier clients. At the same time, we eliminatemany of the repetitive account management tasks currently performed byyourskilled internal staff, reducing the likelihood of errors and allowing them to focus their talents onmore strategic issues.

For more information, please contact us at or call 1.877.520.4277.