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MailStreet Opts for Abridean

AbrideanProvisorTM Delivers Secure Identity Administration, Automated Account Set-Up and Resource Allocation

Chicago, Illinois. October 20, 2003 -- Abridean Inc., a leader in the development of user management and provisioning software, today announced that hosted enterprise software provider Mailstreet has selected AbrideanProvisor as a key element of its Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 service. The integrated service is already available and in use in the market.

MailStreet, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers enterprise class email and collaboration services based on Microsoft Exchange. MailStreet's offering enables any sized business to use the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange without having to manage its own Exchange server. MailStreet is a division of DevStreet Inc, a Microsoft Partner and provider of premium Internet and Web development services.

MailStreet is focused on leading the market with its hosted services; user management and provisioning of messaging and collaboration technology is a critical element in achieving this goal. Using AbrideanProvisor, MailStreet is able to more rapidly bring its Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 service to market.

"AbrideanProvisor has significantly enhanced the value of our service. The intuitive, easy to use administration console has been a big hit with our users," said Don Dimon, Managing Director, DevStreet Inc. "The team we have worked with at Abridean has been tremendous. It was their hands-on approach that ensured a smooth implementation. We are delighted with both their product and customer service skills."

AbrideanProvisor includes secure identity administration capabilities designed to define and store the relationship between business processes and IT resources. It enables administrators to create and manage their user profiles, and through a set of rules and role-based processing, assign those users to enterprise applications and other IT resources and devices. It also offers a provisioning engine for rapid, fully automated account set-up and resource allocation. With Provisor, the provisioning engine automates access-rights creation, termination, and management across diverse connected resources.

"MailStreet is aggressively rolling out new technology to meet the needs of its clients," said Sean Sears, Abridean's CEO. "AbrideanProvisor has been architected for rapid deployment and easy extensibility, so there is clearly a good fit. We look forward to supporting MailStreet's new services and working with them to provide the best end-user experience to their customers."

About MailStreet MailStreet is a leader in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 based email and collaboration services. The MailStreet service enables organizations of all sizes to communicate more efficiently while reducing the costs and eliminating the headaches of maintaining dedicated email servers. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, MailStreet has thousands of subscribers worldwide. More information about the MailStreet Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 service is available online at or by calling 1.866.433.8787

About Abridean Inc.
Abridean provides user management and provisioning software for Global 2000 and mid-market enterprises, as well as hosted messaging and email service providers. The company's offerings replace time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, dramatically reducing ongoing IT costs, and mitigating security risks. AbrideanProvisorTM includes a secure, role-based identity administration console that enables administrators to create and manage large groups of users, as well as a provisioning engine for rapid, fully automated account set-up and resource allocation. Named as one of the world's Top 30 Enablers by ASPNews, Abridean is a key Microsoft partner whose customers include Sprint, USA.NET, COLT Telecom, AT&T Canada. For more information, visit or call 1-877-520-4277.