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Abridean Launches Provisor 5.0

Chicago, July 20, 2004 - Abridean Inc. today announced the launch of abrideanProvisor 5.0TM, which further demonstrates Abridean's commitment to providing innovative, flexible user management and provisioning solutions that can be deployed quickly and help organizations see faster results.

"With the growing attention to security risks and increasing audit and compliance requirements, organizations are increasing the priority of deploying a user management and provisioning solution as part of a comprehensive identity management infrastructure," said Jeffrey Schultz, senior vice president of marketing at Abridean. "Provisor 5.0 builds on our earlier success with a new innovative approach to centralized policy management that makes policies easier to create and manage, and ultimately make it easier to deploy a highly customized and flexible solution that gets fast results."

New Provisor 5.0 capabilities include:

Unified Policy Services allow organizations to centralize policy management, making policies easier to create and manage and ultimately helping to ease regulatory compliance activities and make the organization more secure.
Support for phased role deployment speeds solution deployment by allowing organizations to avoid extensive role engineering prior to initial systems deployment.
Support for flexible administration approaches enables organizations to automate and delegate identity administration activities to match their unique needs, enforcing consistency and audit capability no matter how a user management transaction is initiated.
A Dynamic, rights-based user interface enforces user management and provisioning policies and administrator rights without requiring user interface design and coding.
An innovative modular architecture allows organizations to reduce project risk and speed results by licensing and deploying the functionality that will solve their immediate user management and provisioning challenges and evolve to a broader solution over time.
"We have implemented numerous user management and provisioning systems for our customers and can attest to the need for organization's to quickly deploy flexible and secure solutions," said Dan Beckett, CTO of Dewpoint, a systems integrator and reseller with extensive experience deploying identity management initiatives. "Dewpoint has long advocated the need for our clients to pursue an integratable identity infrastructure that can be implemented in phases, incorporate products from many vendors, and adapt to an organization's broad business and technical requirements. Provisor 5.0's capabilities directly address those needs."
Unified Policy ServicesTM
Provisor's Unified Policy Services make it easy to centralize all organizational policies that govern the user identity lifecycle. Overall workflow, approval processes, role-based entitlements, access control and directory attribute settings, and application configuration can all be defined in one place, making it easier to implement a user management and provisioning solution and meet organizational needs for improved security and regulatory compliance.

Unified Policy Services enable organizations to:

Deploy one centralized set of policies that govern account creation, deletion and maintenance
Utilize role-based or role-less provisioning, depending on organizational needs
Design one-step, multi-step, serial and parallel workflow and approval processes
Maintain sophisticated policies for configuring applications without having to code and compile agents
Almost every aspect of Provisor is controlled by the Unified Policy Services, making the overall business processes, administration approaches, and user interface easy to customize to meet any customer's needs.
Support for Phased Role Deployment
Many organizations find the process of defining organizational roles that meet all of their needs too time consuming and cumbersome. With Provisor 5.0, organizations can choose to deploy complete role-based provisioning or utilize a role-less approach and evolve to role-based provisioning in phases based on organizational priorities and requirements.

For role-less provisioning, Provisor can assign and configure entitlements based on user attributes (e.g. department, title, level, location, etc.) or based on administrator intervention, speeding deployment and remaining flexible as organizational needs change.

Flexible Administration Approaches
Provisor 5.0 allows organizations to define one set of policies that drive all forms of administrative activities, including full automation from other authoritative systems (HR systems, ERP systems, etc.), delegated administration to technical or non-technical personnel, and self-service administration by end-users.

Provisor provides the flexibility for organizations to design an administration process that meets their unique needs while ensuring that policies are enforced and transactions are logged no matter how a task is initiated.

Dynamic, Rights-Based User Interface
Provisor 5.0's user interface is dynamically generated at runtime, utilizing Provisor's Unified Policy Services to determine the input requirements and workflow for all tasks performed by an administrator. As organizations add or modify policies, those changes are reflected in the administrator interface without requiring additional user interface coding. This approach speeds deployment and reduces errors.

Furthermore, the Provisor user interface adapts to each user by assessing their rights when they utilize the system, ensuring that all users from the most senior administrators to end-users can only see the information they are allowed to see and perform the tasks they are allowed to perform. Administrative rights can be based on security groups or any combination of directory attributes, and are completely customizable, making the administration process secure yet flexible enough to meet any organizational security needs.

Innovative Modular Architecture
Built using an open framework, Provisor's modular architecture allows organizations to solve specific user management challenges without having to license and deploy a complete system, reducing project risk and speeding ROI by supporting a phased implementation approach.

Provisor can be deployed using any combination of these modules:

User Manager - Provides simple and secure delegated, automated, and self-service administration for user account creation, assignment of entitlements and provisioning of resources.
Password Manager - Provides users and help-desk personnel with self-service password reset and synchronization.
Group Manager - Simplifies the task of managing user groups and distribution lists across the enterprise.
Provisor 5.0 is available immediately for qualified customers and will be generally available in September.

Named as one of the world's Top 30 Enablers by ASPNews, Abridean is a key Microsoft partner whose customers include Sprint, USA.NET, COLT Telecom, AT&T Canada. For more information, visit or call 1-877-520-4277.