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Abridean announces its new alliance partner: Export Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS, Canada – November 26, 2009 - Abridean Inc., a leader in the development of hosted application and provisioning solutions, today announced a new alliance partnership with Export Nova Scotia.

Export Nova Scotia Inc. works in integrated teams with its Alliance Partners. Together, they implement innovative and proven solutions and best practices for its recipient Caribbean countries. These solutions are customized and implemented to satisfy government transformation requirements.

"As a ten year veteran of a dynamic decade of technology change and development, Abridean will be a good fit as ExportNS builds its transformation business in the Caribbean," said ExportNS President David Gough.

"We are excited to join ExportNS and be an Alliance Partner," said Peter Bidgood, Vice President of Provisioning Solutions of Abridean. "Government organizations are using products like Microsoft® Exchange and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to enable better communications. Whether users and their devices are administered centrally or through branch offices, our messaging management solutions help improve efficiency and decrease wait times."

About Export Nova Scotia
Export Nova Scotia (ExportNS) delivers sustainable transformation solutions to Caribbean countries by utilizing best practices and proven technology solutions to help improve their public sector services. Visit

About Export Nova Scotia Alliance Program
Export Nova Scotia (ExportNS) via its Alliance Program combines the best and brightest leading Nova Scotia private sector technology and service firms with expertise across various sectors of transformational management. They work as integrated as teams to implement innovative and proven Nova Scotia solutions and best practices for the recipient country. Visit

About Abridean Inc.
Abridean Inc. was founded in 2000 and has developed the leading application provisioning and management platform, abridean Provisor. Provisor simplifies and automates application provisioning and management for service providers and enterprises. It allows them to drive operational efficiencies through reduced costs, increased revenue and rapid delivery of services to customers. Provisor is an XML-based platform that can be easily integrated with other infrastructure software allowing the Service Provider to get to market faster and easier with a complete solution to meet their customer’s needs. Provisor can also be easily and rapidly customized to meet specific requirements within the data center environment. Visit